Resi Doors

Residential doors offer you choice and versatility – whether you are looking for a glazed door, fully glazed door, a bespoke door designed for your requirements we can all accommodate the latest high performance handles, hinges and locking mechanisms making your uPVC door safe and secure.

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Anthracite Grey

Golden Oak

Irish Oak



Chartwell Green



  • Available as open-in and open-out styles
  • Resi Doors are fully compatible with all our window styles, ensuring a high quality and consistent finish throughout your whole home
  • All our Resi doors easily accommodate double glazing
  • Fully reinforced sash using galvanised steel
  • Pre-routed on locking side ensures continuous reinforcement
  • Colour options include: White, Rosewood, Golden Oak, Mahogany, Black, Irish Oak, Cream, White Ash, Anthercite Grey and Chartwell Green
  • Further colour options are available from our unique Rehau Acryl II colouring system offering you a choice of 150 different RAL colours
  • Various Glass & Panel designs
  • Side Panels



  • Various Lock options including: Finger Print Recognition, Keypad Entry, ZTA Slam Shut, Key Fob Entry, Split/Spindle, Standard Lever/Lever and 2 Flag hinge options
  • Restrictor stays and ventilator positions
  • Glazing depth can be extended to 42mm by using a special bead (On Rehau 70mm system).
  • Dry glazed with glazing bead with gasket or co-extruded glazing beads in shaped, sloped or sculptured shapes.