Tilt n Turn Windows

Tilt/turn windows are something that we have been developing massively in recent times. We are now using that Maco invisible tilt/turn gearing which is of the highest quality. This has helped us to manufacture of the best tilt/turn windows around. This also means that installation of the windows is easier than ever with very low maintenance.

Profile OptionsTilt and Turn Window mechanism Salisbury. Wiltshire

  • RehauTritec
  • Rehau 70mm
  • Kommerling C70
  • Kommerling 070


  • 60/70mm sculptured /chamfered systems
  • Maco invisible tilt/turn gearing (concealed)
  • Face fixed hardware also available
  • Kommerling offer an additional 44 different woodgrain and coloured finishes
  • Internally glazed
  • Very latest performance handles available


  • High Energy efficiency - 'A' rating achievable
  • Easy cleaning - a benefit of having inward opening windows is that cleaning both the inside and outside is much easier
  • Emergency exit - Tilt and Turn windows can also function as emergency exits
  • Higher security – Multipoint locking mechanisms run around perimeter of the whole opening section adding extra security.
  • Concealed tilt/turn gearing – means there are no unsightly hinges on the frame.

Rehau and Kommerling Tilt n Turn Windows Salisbury, Wiltshire

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